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Auditing your Lead Management process

Auditing service of the B2B Lead Management process.

It is difficult to solve a problem without knowing its origin or even its existence. Our responsibility and our role in auditing your Lead Management process, is to help you «know what you don't know» by examining each step of your organization's Lead Management process.

In order to do so, we conduct extensive interviews with all the parties involved in the process - marketing, sales, operations, finance, management, etc. During this process, we immerse ourselves in each of your organizations functions in order to review the ongoing commercialisation campaigns, to identify which technologies are used by the marketing and sales departments and to understand your current sales process.

In all, 6 6 framework components will be examined by the audit. The result is a detailed list of flaws, recommendations and a plan in order to implement a Lead Management framework.

Auditing your Lead Management process includes:

  • An internal examination of your ongoing Lead Management processes, including extensive interviews with the personnel involved in marketing, sales, operations, finance and all other department involved;
  • An examination of current technologies in Lead Management (marketing automation, CRM, etc.);
  • A review of the current Leads sources;
  • Auditing the structural bases of current data and the segmentation strategy;
  • Auditing the qualification process and Leads attributions;
  • Reviewing offers, promotion librairies and current contents;
  • A review of measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  • Recommendations on how to improve the internal Lead Management process;
  • Recommendations on the role of each key player in the new Lead Management model;
  • Recommendations on the technology to help and improve Lead Management automation;
  • Recommendations on measures and KPI that must be monitored and/or developed;
  • A written summary and a presentation on the main conclusions and recommendations to improve and implement a Lead Management framework.

Click here to learn more about RADAR International's Lead Management framework and its 6 components.

Implementing the Lead Management framework

Your team has understood the concept of a Lead Management framework and wishes to implement it and take action.

Thanks to your own audit or the one carried on by RADAR International, you have identified the main flaws and the possibilities to improve your processes to implement a Lead Management framework.

However, like many RADAR clients and many B2B organisations, you have to cope with limited internal resources to implement the framework and create the intended changes.

Creating a Lead Management process

For many businesses, it is frequent not to have the necessary internal resources at your disposal in order to implement a new Lead Management process. However, one thing is certain : you intend to do things well the first time, maintaining the commitment and your business's will to implement an efficient Lead Management process.

The service : Establishing RADAR International's Lead Management framework will allow you not to fall into expectations attente et les delay traps, following the conclusion of the audit of the Lead Management process. This will enable your organisation to immediately start putting in place a new Lead Management process.

In that role, RADAR International serves as a team leader (project manager), evolving au sein de votre organisation in order to implement the necessary changes identified during the examination process. Acting as one of your virtual team members, RADAR International conducts the meetings, works with avec les ressources parties prenantes from marketing and sales and interactswith the fournisseurs in order to insure that the new process is well defined, developed and established. Even after implementing and activating the Lead Management framework, nous tenons à nous assurer que tout se passe comme prévu.

Implementing the Lead Management framework will be useful to:

  • Collaborate with the team of sales and marketing, coordinate and implement various prospecting, qualification, loyalty to the target audience.
  • Facilitate cross-functional teams of stakeholders resources (finance, marketing, sales, IT, etc.) that will provide feedback and assist in the implementation and adoption of new internal processes;
  • Develop a structural marketing database and facilitate the integration of database marketing automation tools and the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management);
  • Implement a management plan of opportunities related to all sales targets and with performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing;
  • Working with the marketing and sales on a full opportunities qualification that defines the criteria for segment, the steps of an opportunity, prioritization of opportunities, the rules of opportunities qualification, qualitative values, etc.;
  • Develop and implement the process of incubation and opportunities monitoring at every stage of it;
  • Develop and implement rules for assignment and opportunities management by sales;
  • Develop and implement a library of offers and content;
  • Ensure the development of a set of metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of each activity in the opportunities management;
  • Work with your team members and suppliers to ensure that the appropriate functionality needed to manage opportunities are integrated into the CRM system, and ensure effective integration with marketing automation solutions.

Click here to learn more about RADAR's International Lead Management Framework and its six components.

B2B Marketing Automation Services

Even after having established an opportunities management framework, many companies benefit from RADAR International's continuous service and its B2B opportunities management and expertise. Many consider this service as an extension of their marketing department.

With the B2B marketing automation service, RADAR International is at your side to achieve the full potential of your business's opportunities processes. Analysis during regular meetings and work sessions will enable us to support you in maintaining a status of "leader", without neglecting the impact on income and the return on investment (ROI).

The B2B marketing automation service includes:

  • Implementing analysis and consulting services (as needed) of all sub-processes opportunities management, including:
    • Planning opportunities
    • Qualifying opportunities
    • The opportunities incubator
    • The opportunities assignment
  • Analysis, consulting services and updating of sales and marketing measures needed to assess the effectiveness of various campaigns;
  • Analysis and upgrade of any changes in technology, such as a new software versions or improving functionality;
  • Promoting policy and technical advice related to well managed opportunities such as opportunities assignment, segmentation and incubation for new campaigns;
  • Monthly meetings with direct sales and marketing managers to ensure the smooth running of the process;
  • Phone consultations and pre training as required;
  • Directing the quarterly meetings to review achievements and planning;
  • Coordinating and implementing various prospecting, qualification, loyalty to the target audience, in collaboration with the team of sales and marketing.

Working Sessions / Workshop / Training (Sales & Marketing)

A change is needed and it must begin somewhere. However, instead of integrating this change, several departments (sales and marketing) continue to point fingers, blaming the other for non-qualified opportunities or the lack of follow-up on opportunities that have been sent.

The working sessions are intended as an opportunity to eliminate these barriers and transform behavior of resistance by keeping the focus on the achievement of new and common opportunities management processes.

A step towards synergy - Sales & Marketing

The working sessions on the management of opportunities are the catalyst necessary to align your organization and approval of management.

Through these sessions lasting from one day to a day and a half, RADAR International will lead the management team of Marketing and Sales in an interactive exchange to validate (top), the current processes of opportunities management.

The team will pass through each part of the opportunities management framework which will allow to raise issues and questions, discuss the shortcomings of the process and identify areas of improvement. Once the interactive workshop is concluded, RADAR International analyzes the results with key stakeholders, focusing on initiatives and identifying the next steps.

The working sessions include:

  • Holding sessions ranging from one day to a day and a half, led by a senior advisor to International RADAR that will review the whole process of opportunities management;
  • Facilitation sessions to implement the opportunities management framework based on best industry practices and RADAR International methodology;
  • Reference documentation for each participant, describing the methodology and providing the ability to document the key findings throughout the journey;
  • The revision of the conclusions of the interactive workshop with a maximum of two members from the executive staff involved.





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