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Service acquisition opportunities B2B

In 2011, 8 out of 10 B2B buyers use the
Web to find products that meet their needs.

The Web is full of such qualified
customers ready to buy your products but ...

... they do not find you!


Acquisition Service

Traditionally, manufacturing companies were promoting their products using various tools and marketing campaigns (push marketing). They broadcast their products "messages" with the goal of reaching potential customers.

However, since the arrival of the Web, a large number of consumers using this new distribution channel search to find a product that meets their needs. In other words, these potential clients broadcast their needs with the objective of finding the right product.

The problem lies in the fact that manufacturers broadcast their products and customers searching the web broadcast their needs. So in that equation, we have two broadcasters but no one acts as receivers.

Today most manufacturers do not have the marketing strategies needed to act as receivers and thus capture the request broadcasted by potential customers. As a result, the Web is full of qualified customers ready to buy your products but they do not find you!

Acquisition service online

By using RADAR International's online acquisition strategies, you will reach target customers that have interest in your products.

These strategies will capture the interest of visitors and transmit the request to one of your representatives. Your sales force will be in contact with a potential client who has been pre-qualified. Isn't this a great way to maximize the time of your representatives?

Value-added service acquisition

  • increases sales and reduces marketing costs (advertising, exhibitions, magazine ...).
  • increases the efficiency of your company to acquire new potential customers or markets.
  • is flexible in its approach (pilot project to demonstrate the effectiveness of methods used by RADAR International and establishment of the business model to meet the reality of manufacturing).
  • completes your traditional sales activities and provides simply more grist to the mill, more visibility, more leads, more sales.


Step 1 - Analysis of your market

This phase can target your market.

How your customers express their needs is not necessarily related to your product description.

Following a first meeting, RADAR International will make a pre-analysis and come back with a list of 200-300 ways of expressing the needs of your clients. You will have to qualify and rate (1, 2 or 3) for each of the needs that your product can meet:

1 – the need is directly related to your product
2 – the need is indirectly connected to your product
3 – the need is not related to your product

Step 2 = Increase visibility

To be the first on search engines is not the ultimate goal. We must be able to measure the relevance of being on the first page and qualify visitors as they arise.

Data sheets will be created in order to qualify and validate these visitors .

By industry, 5 to 10 pages of qualification can be produced to describe the needs and acquire the target audience.

Step 3 = Generating opportunities

Generating opportunities goes through a whole process of capturing demand and supporting the client by an emailing system (specific questions for your business).

As soon as an application is completed by a potential customer, a thank you message is sent and you are also alerted. A second message will be sent to the customer, a few minutes later, to introduce the representative who will handle the request.

Subsequently, in the interest of the application, you will be asked to remind the customer to obtain more information on the details of the request.

Step 4 = Managing the performance of the strategy

Each month, RADAR International's team sits down with you to validate the performance of the acquisition strategy and the quality of the leads obtained.

We must determine whether or not applications are relevant to the needs initially captured.

If requests are not relevant, there is something wrong in the process. It does not help to look at the quantity, the quality of the applications is more important.

Every month you will receive a report with the monthly performance indicators, the history in the year, the subjects most wanted from the clients.